Thursday, June 2, 2011

missing in action

Hello blogsville,
whew!!!... I've not written anything meaningful here in ages. Who can I blame??? Nobody but myself. I allowed some unnecessary drama to suck up all my energy and left me with no desire to blog at all. Sucks right

But on the flip side, I got a new and much more exiting job.Whoop whoop!!! Learnt a lot about fath and holding on to God's promises when nothing sees to be working in the process. Been working for like two months and no one has complained about my natural hair styles. double whoop whoop!!!

Hmm, what else happened???? ermmmm.....
Okay, honestly, I think I will be gone from here for a while cos I have kinda lost my muse bu trust me, I will never lose my love for my followers. mwah

sincerely,Her Prettyness

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