Saturday, August 13, 2011


In life, you are bound to come across two groups of people.
I hate it to admit it, but identifying where you fall and where others fall, will go a long way to determine where you'd end up in life.

THE GIVERS: Givers are the kind of people everyone loves to have around. They usually put everyone first before themselves. They are always there when someone needs to talk and are ever ready to put a smile on someone else's face. Givers are the kind of people ever ready to share themselves with others.

However, givers r opinionated, well, somewhat opinionated.They have an opinion about everything and love to have their opinions heard.They are loud, vibrant and definitely the life of the party. There's never a dull moment with a giver. Givers walk into a dark room n there's an instant burst of bright arrays of life with them.

On the contrary, givers try too hard to please everyone and more often than not end up pleasing no one. They love poking their noses into other peoples affairs not cos they are looking for a juicy piece of gossip but cos they are looking for a way to fix things. Dealing with a giver is like dealing with two sides of the same coin. It's either they are there or they aren't. Either they are making things right or not. Never an in between moment.

TAKERS: On the other hand is the taker whose temperament reminds me so much of the foam sponge. They absorb whatever life throws at them. THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE NASTY!! They are the kind of people who'd sit by the still waters n wait for someone to throw in some stones before they can enjoy some ripples.

Takers are really cool people to have around. Easy to love cos they absorb every bit of loving thrown their way and need I add that they make great students.

Takers, however, don't know how to give out anything. Be it love or something as simple as information. They are the kind of people who sit at the back seat in class, wouldn't ask any question or contribute but will end up Aceing all the exams.

Takers are givers number one frustrations cos they suck in all that a giver has to give without giving anything back. its like the relationship between the sun and the moon.

So the question is, are you a giver or a taker?? xoxo-Her Prettyness


  1. I Give! I love this piece Naa. I like the ambiance expression around these simple yet weightily expressive words. Don't stop writing! A go bore if u do.!!!

  2. @Didi and Nimz, I think I'm a giver with a bits of a takers temperament. or? Nimz babes, glad u loved it. Yaay me

  3. @Didi: This blog is rated PG. What was the wink supposed to accomplish? :P
    @Naa: I wonder if anyone is exclusively one... great post. Please don't go into hiding again

  4. Etoile guess i`m a happy Giver ...

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