Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My thoughts on the Ghanaian marriage

Last saturday, my big sister had her dream wedding..... The weather was beautiful, the grass was green, her dress was spotless white and she walked arms in arms withe her gorgeous hubby....
My heart skips a beat with excitement when I remember how perfect my sister's wedding was....Even for someone who swears to hate weddings I had to admit it was gorgeous
My mind goes back to her traditional marriage a few months ago and I keep asking, why do Ghanaians have to marry the same person twice???

First, there's the dramatic, expensive, but totally necessary traditional marriage which is supposed to bring the two families together, then there's an even more expensive white wedding which is.............. I dunno what it does
My dad says he doesn't see why he has to give off the same daughter twice and frankly, I agree with him....Can't we just find a way of incorporating both events into one???
I'm not going to undermine the importance of any of the events but all I'm saying is, since the couples will need money for the journey they are embarkin on, they'd need all the money they can save. Culture and christianity will have to find a way of coming together to save the couple some financial stress
Oh and I was a bridesmaid...... Loved it but that's just by the xoxo
.Her Prettyness


  1. First i would like to say Congrats to your sister and thanks to mother nature for the bright weather.Getting married twice is not new on our CONTINENT,just that only a few still keep this practice coz its gradually fading out of the system.I think your dad has a point coz we all know how stressful it is to get married,talkless twice. When its my turn to marry,i hope no body suggests that coz he/she would fix the bill..Nice Post & Congrats to your Sister.

  2. Congrats to your sister. I feel you on this two marriage thing. But personally I think the real Marriage is the coming together of the two familes and doing all the rites. Then the couples have to go to church the next day to be blessed and thank God, but i guess our people have also changed that to marriage making it 2

  3. congrats to your sister! I know nothing about Ghanian weddings. She looks beautifl. I loveeee weddings. Im going to be bridesmaid at my friends wedding in October, im excited!. lol...


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