Sunday, August 28, 2011


To the best of my knowledge one is either a virgin, that is, one has never ever had sex or one is not a virgin.. As simple as that, right??

So I guess you can imagine the look on my face when one of my girlfriends tells me that she's been dating this guy for a while and she's thinking of being kinda not a virgin cos he is serious about her blah blah. By the way, this my friend claims she is a virgin. I used the word claims because one can never be sure of these things but I digress....

So as I was saying, my friend is thinking about being kinda not a virgin, I dunno whether to use the word for or with her man but you do get the picture, right?

Kinda confused, I asked her what exactly she means by kinda not a virgin.Honestly, her answer made me wonder whether my friend is normal.

For the purpose of this post, let's call my friend Mary. Mary claims, being "kinda not a virgin" is simply doing every thing except penetration. So I asked her whether by everything she means sucking on stuff blah blah.... Then this my friend nods in agreement. I simply asked whether she knows why the name of such action is ORAL SEX...

I don't really care what people do between the sheets but I do think everyone needs to take a stand. If you choose to have sex, stay protected,cOd not, remember why you chose not to and stick to it.

I remember etoileoye once wrote a blog post about adrenaline junkies and she was like, we all try to see how far we go before falling into trouble and I think that is the same situation Mary finds herself in. She wants to maintain her virginity status whilst exploring the passionate world of sex.... But I think she forgets that there is a really thin line between not having and having sex.

So my question is, how far is too far when it comes down to making out and sex?? I asked one of the boys and he said simply reaching the big O! what do you think? Is it possible to be kinda not a virgin or kinda not having sex? And exactly what is sex? when the organs meet or when the Passion is arisen?
Her Prettyness


  1. People need to know understand WHY they choose to remain virgins. What the hell is 'kind of not'???

    Although if we are being technical she is still a virgin if there is no penetration but does she now give herself a medal for that? and for what? How long will she resist the throbbing in between her legs if she allows all but? Joker.

    If we are being 'religious' about it then she's on a long thing cos it talks about 'sexual gratification'...a whole slew of things fall under that.

    To your question. There is nothing like TOO far. To each its own. It's between you/your man/your God -if you believe in any.

  2. yeah....i believe everyone to himself. Its not my body shha

  3. Hmm... if it's for religious reasons, we need to remember it's more about purity than the technicality of a hymen. otherwise, we should own up to our actions and be responsible. As Sisi Yemmie said, to each his/her own.

  4. as sisi Yemmie said, each one his own sha! I however think virginity is more than the state of the hymen but well, everyone needs to know where to draw the line. kinda not a virgin.rotflmaoas sisi Yemmie said, each one his own sha! I however think virginity is more than the state of the hymen but well, everyone needs to know where to draw the line. kinda not a virgin.rotflmao

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