Wednesday, August 31, 2011


It is way past my bed time but for some funny reason, sleep seems to be eluding me tonight.

My quest to catch sleep before the clock strikes midnight led me to while away the time reading Ato Kwamena Dadzie's blog ( and me, being the only stranger in Jerusalem just found out he divorced his beautiful wife after only three years of marriages

I write not this post to judge cos I have never been married especially not to either Ato or his wife. But I remembet how happy they looked on their wedding day and can't help but wonder what went wrong.

I know everyone marries with forever in mind but the current trend seems to prove that very few people find this thing called forever. Is it that people marry for the wrong
reasons or actually become wiser after
marriage ? Do people learn more about their spouses after marriage that nothing can stop them from splitting apart? Is marriage really that hard??

What makes some marriage work and others fail? I wish I had answers to these but like I said, I've never been down that road before.

However, I have dated quite a lot and if marriage is anything like relationships, then I can say like relationships, most marriages end because someone stopped trying to make it work.... someone grew just too comfortable........

I refuse to judge before I understand the rudiments of marriage but I will conclude with a quote from one of my favourite poets, a woman (and I dare say a man) finds heaven or hell, the day she (he) is made a bride(groom)
xoxo-Her Prettyness


  1. Anything good comes easy and the same way as marriage. We all have to lean soo much about each person like going to school before saying I DO.

  2. We have to know that no one is prefect, not even one. 2nd we should take what is on our eyes first before taking someone else. I have been married for a long time and if l say we don't ague, l wll call myself a lair. The funny thing is , l can read him like a good sweet book. I don't ague on anything for more than two second, either l zip my lip or change the topic. Zipping my lip works better for me. May God help us to understand each other very well and LOVE one other.

  3. forgiveness

    in marriage watch these out