Sunday, September 4, 2011


Disclaimer: my opinion may be far from the truth or even reality but it is my opinion.

MARRIAGE..... This word has been running through my mind pretty much all week. Not because I'be met any special someone or because I'm dreaming about my own marriage but because i'm alarmed, nah, traumatised about the current rate of divorce.

The good book has a lot to say about marriage. But the only advice I choose to pick, is the one which admonished us not to be unequally yoked.

In other words, do not settle for less than you deserve. As humans, its easy for us to settle. Just to get too comfortable and stop trying. But as I was told, marriage is a challenge....

I'm not married but I think when I do, I'd put all of my strength in making it last. I think it is going to be one of the few ventures in life I'm going to put 100 percent of myself in.

I'm not going to say we won't have bad days or that we won't fight or that he won't annoy me. But im saying, somehow, someway, quitting won't be an option.

I have my ideas about marriage and I know reality will be far different but I think I will adjust. Half of marital problems, starts at the choosing stage that is why I say, DARE NOT BE UNEQUALLY YOKED!

If you love dogs, don't settle for a dog hater...... If u don't want fleas, don't sleep with dogs..

Marriage is meant to be enjoyed not endured

A commitment to commitment
Will ensure your marriage lasts
And though you will see your differences,
With work, in time, they will pass

Pledge to respect and trust the other
Give love and support when down
Communicate your feelings
It will help your union to be bound.

You are going to start a new life;
Make sure God is in your plan
You'll need him to stay on course.
To never turn and run

Let your marriage vows be part of you.
Be not selfish, proud or vain.
So when conflict rears its ugly head,
Married you'd both choose to remain

So pause, take stock and check your love guage
To be sure it is set on high,
So that best friends you will always be
And love will keep you together till you die......Her Prettyness

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