Sunday, September 11, 2011


My first memory of my big brother isn't like most of yours. He didn't stand by my crib when I was a baby wondering why I was so small, he claims he did though.....

I first remember meeting my brother when I was like three years and he was like nine. My dad took me to the airport to pick up my brother in his old peugeout 504. I remember my mum made me wear my favourite shorts. I don't really remember much but I remember he brought me a toy car from the UK.(I really wanted a doll)

My big and only brother actually is my half brother. We share a dad, a surname, a resemblance in both looks and attitude and most importantly, we share a LOVE....

We've always lived continents apart but those few weeks we spent together every year fostered a relationship that I've grown to appreciate.

My brother is my bestfriend, confedante and sometimes my worst enemy. we've fought, argued, shared jokes, laughed at eachother and as we grow older,we also share our dreams and aspirations.....

A brother is a gift from God and if I ever say, my dad hasn't done anything for me in life, remind me that he gave me this awesome boy to love for life....I love u big brother.xoxo-Her Prettyness

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