Friday, October 14, 2011


So I'm just a little embarrassed to be posting this note considering the fact that I found out who Steve Jobs was, the very day he died. (Pardon my ignorance). However, after spending hours poring over articles and watching videaos, I fell in love.... Steve Jobs was a pure genius...

I can't help but wonder, would my dear Mr Jobs have succeeded if he was a Ghanaian???? The question is for me to ask and you to answer...

Well, would he??? Looking at the following factors.

1. Adoption before delivery would not have been a choice for his biological mum who would have probably left him to the mercy of life at the Osu Children Home. (Remember, Anas Arameyaw's investigation about the children home???) Well, your guess is as good as mine.

2. When he opted out of university, his parents would have dragged him from prayer house to prayer house, I bet he wouldn't have had time to figure out what he really wanted because, he will be too busy praying against ancestoral demons.

3.Steve Jobs, major breakthrough, was probably a partnership with his friend which led to the birth of the NeXT computers and subsequently, the MAC Os. Can the Ghanaian youth go into partnership with a friend without the fear of being cheated???

4.Steve Jobs talent grew to what it is today cos his bosses at Hp recognised his talent. Are Ghanaian bosses approachable with innovation and talent??

5. If Mr Jobs was a Ghanaian, as my friend said, he would have died years ago when e
he was first told he had cancer.... What do you think???? xoxoxo-Her Prettyness


  1. LOl At "dragging him to the Prayer camp for dropping out of school" i guess U have a point but hey U never know..there are Ghanaians out there who have made it big in life even under *worst* conditions.

  2. lol!you've reaaaally opened Pandora's box here. How do we know we havent lost a couple of Steve Jobs thru our societal cracks already? and how many more are we losing because of our educational system and "ideals" *sigh*
    good fodder for thought!

  3. I thank God this Jobs man was not a Ghanaian else he'd have ripped poor Ghanaians off to make himself rich.

    This was a man who reduced ideas in the world to money in his pocket to the extent that he banned charity in his own company and only went after profit. We should be careful how we rate him.