Saturday, October 8, 2011

Absolute Random Nonsense

So apparently my fro has grown into one gorgeous curly poof!! I'm totally loving it... Not missing the perm one bit. lol.

I know I've not blogged in a while. Honestly, I've not done anything in a while. It's been ages since I picked a phone to call my friends, let alone think of hanging out. It's like I lost my zeal for life. *heavy sigh*

Nothing excites me anymore. And I used to call myself hopelessly romantic. Who was I kidding??

Oh in other news, some dude told my auntie he wants to marry me but my auntie shouldn't tell me cos he is "studying" me.

MY REACTION: dude must be smoking something. What does he mean by studying me and why tell my auntie?? Is she supposed to me his mouthpiece??? Dude, faint hearts and in this case, lazy mouths never won fair ladies oh...

Ok, what else is happening in pretty Kay's life? Nothing.... I doubt I even have a life anymore.... But my consolation is, this too shall pass and when it does, we gonna party hard...

Her Prettyness


  1. LMAO! Studying you? are you a specimen? lol....dont mind the dude jor....i havent been blogging much lately!