Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Happy new year blogsville!
Trust me, I am totally embarrassed to be saying that when the year is already eighteen days old.... But all the same, happy new year. Hope those of you who made resolutions are sticking to them.
As for me, I make my resolutions in March so I guess I still have time to figure out what I want for the year.

2011 was a great year by all standards. It started with lots of tears and confusion but it was also the year I took charge of my life

I flew to naija (yup, I did) and met my favourite natural hair Blogger, Miss Fizz (www.leaveinthekinks.com) and oh we had a blast. First, we went for a naija wedding (biggest wedding I have ever attended), went for my first natural hair meet up and met Kate Henshaw. We also launched our natural hair care range, Nakeme Naturals and are already making money off our buttercream so Yaay us! Africa, finally, we have a product for Africans, by Africans and from Africa. Will blog more about that soon

As if that wasn't enough excitement for a lifetime, Twists n Locs Salon and Nakeme Naturals organised Accra's first natural hair meet up at Nourishlab, Osu.(check out the photos at the onefotos page on Facebook) and the video at Fashionista Gh on you tube..It was such a blast and I met Tetekai(Muse).... such a beautiful girl by all standards.

Relationship wise, I have a lot to say about that but I have a habit of talking about stuff too soon and jinxing it so I guess I am still gonna keep my mouth shut...

What else is there to say? On the whole 2011 was a year of rediscovery. Of rediscovering faith, Passion,love, desire and dreams.... 2012, will be my year of growth..... Tell me about your dreams for 2012.

xoxo- Her Prettyness


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