Monday, February 13, 2012

A love story that will never be told( when your heart is broken by someone you never dated)

I don't remember exactly when I was introduced to it.... I didn't see it in my mothers eyes and if they were in my fathers words, then I never noticed it either. It wasn't in the arms of the boys who promised me forever but somehow managed to vanish before I could finish spelling forever. Love....The word alone makes my lips curl up in a smile. It brings memories of the same pain I have endured, same lies I have listened to, same tears I have cried, same heartbreaking stories I have told the girls... The characters may change but the story line wasn't so different. I remember when I gave up on love, on ever finding the magic of getting lost in the beauty of love. I convinced myself I wasn't worthy. I was too damaged, too frail, too expectant and too hopeful. I accepted the fact that I will always be a bridesmaid but never a bride. I practiced that perfect smile for every wedding. I found contentment in life and living it. I found joy in the smiles of others. Listened with a tiny twinge of jealousy as my friends told me about how they had met that special one... It seemed everyone except me was taken.... Someday, when I least expected it, love found me. He wasn't like all the others, like me, he was damaged, bruised and mishandled. He wasn't like them. Not too cute, not too stylish, not too trendy but he made me laugh. He called me his hyperactive one. He told him about his dreams and I told him about mine. We seemed to be perfect for eachother. In my mind, I planned our wedding, named our kids and waited patiently for him to ask me to be his girl. For the first time, I understood the simplicity of love. I knew I was going to wait till he realised I was his soul mate. And I waited and waited...... Slowly, the long phone calls I loved from him stopped coming, our conversation were short and polite and always ended with him promising to call me but never did. But I still waited and waited. Yesterday, he called me. This time, we laughed and talked for hours, just like old times. I told myself patience really is a virtue and that fate had brought me back my man. We spoke about everything and nothing and then he said it.... I could hear the joy in his voice, envision the excitement in his eyes.... PrettyKay, guess what, he said, I have met the girl I want to marry. I smiled from ear to ear expecting him to say how he has been stupid and how he realised I was his soulmate. But he only went on to say, her name is Efya and you will love her when you meet her........ Her Prettyness


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  2. I can totally relate to this. I was broken hearted when i heard the news that she had a new girl. But in guy's defense, we are not an item, he is totally clueless about i am a thing on him. LOL