Tuesday, January 11, 2011


By no means was I one of the popular kids in class four. I wasn't exceptionally pretty. In fact, if truth be told, I was a classic case of the ugly duckling. I was no where near athletic, my parents weren't popular figures in Ghana and to make matters worse, I was a nerd! But then came the almighty jelly shoe. For those who don't know what it is, it was a plastic sandal which came in various colours, especially blue and it had some glitters on them. These shoes definitely must have had some magical powers cos even the nerdiest kid when seen spotting a jelly shoe, is considered cool! These shoes were the hottest thing in class four! Of course, in typical pretty kay style, i came back from school one day and told my mum I wanted a jelly shoe! Mum knew nothing about the fashion trend going on in my class four class room. When girls were now using jungle bags, yours truly still had a huge back pack but i digress! After, my mum bothered to find out what a jelly shoe was which she, by the way, did a whole term later, she told me point blank, i must be insane to think she'd waste money on a plastic shoe! In her usual mummy style, She went ahead to buy me some leather shoes I hated. So that's how pretty kay never made it into the who's cool list in her primary school! Thanks to mummy dearest who refused to buy me jelly shoes, jungle bags and good old tourists. Lmao. But looking back, why in heavens name did we think plastic shoes were cool? I used to put my feet in my older cousin's pair and imagined the day i'd own one. My good night dreams revolved around them and very first heart break was caused by a pair of plastic shoes! Well, what can i say? My love affair with the plastic shoes that never was evolved into the love I have for shoes now. xoxoxoxo~ Her Prettyness



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