Sunday, January 9, 2011


Most of us rush through life we forget to savour the little things that will bring a smile to our faces when we one day take a trip into memory land. I'm totally guilty of that crime, last year, despite every thing that happened, from a break up to a make up to making new friends to facing all those challenges to the laughter and tears, I feel like i barely lived through those. Trying to remember is like trying to remember a not so good movie. Think, watching an Agya Koo movie without the jokes. It's terrible to wake up one day and realise you don't remember how you got to where you are! Terrible with a capital T!!! Some times, i ask my self? Where the hell am I rushing to? We rush through our dating years only to get married and wish we had dated longer. We rush through school only to get a job and wish we had stayed in school longer. Often, we are just busy for nothing. A vain attempt to catch the wind!! This year, I've been reluctant to make any new year resolution but if there's one thing I know i'd do this year, it'd be SAVOURING THE BEAUTY OF LIFE! I'd enjoy my life, my relationship with the boo and friends. I'd take time off to enjoy the flowers and the beauty of just living. I'd inhale the beauty of life and blog about it so you all will know about it. I won't just endure life. Whilst i'm alive, i will live! I will let the good times make me love my life and the bad times give me a reason to keep on living. I'd appreciate just about everything worth appreciating including this blog and my fabulous followers :) Someday when, i'm old and grey, i'd want to dig into my memory bank, sigh and say the good old days! Maybe this blog post will still be there to serve as a reference point. *grinning at the thought of that* xoxoxoxo~ Her Prettyness


  1. true that. but be sure u dont waste too much time savouring ur life. least the world passes u by. cos sometimes it is not us who are rushing, it is the world that is running and leaving us behind.
    have a great week love.

  2. Wow Obibini. that's an awesome food for thought. thanks man
    bt i'm sure i'd know when to run and when to crawl. lol.

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