Friday, January 14, 2011


I read somewhere that, research has proven that children from homes with both mum and dad together are stabler than those raised by single parents. The purpose of this post is not to prove research right or wrong. I really can't be bothered about that. However, from my experience as an only child with separated parents, a stepmum, a stepdad and an awesome half brother, i guess I have something to say about that research. Growing up, I wanted my parents to be together like everybody else's. I wanted us to have dinner as a family and generally, just do family things but as I've grown older and wiser, I'm really glad my parents separated when they did. Despite whatever research proved, i think their separation put me in a much more stable place in life. By putting an end to what was obviously not working, the old folks taught me that, it's really okay to accept the fact that a relationship has lost it's value, accept your mistakes and learn from them. This lesson has been with me all these years? How stable is that? Moreover, they proved to me that some people make better friends than lovers or even married couples. As soon as they moved on, they suddenly had reasons to laugh together, conspire against me and generally be happier with each other. However, the biggest lesson they taught me, was to be careful when choosing a husband. I look at my folks and their new partners and realise how happy they are. They've taught me that marriage is all about finding someone who's worst you can live with and that is one lesson i will never let go. I don't want to ever get a divorce cos it's too messy but thanks mum for being bold enough to let go cos in doing that you made me learn a lot from your mistakes. If this isn't stability, what is it?? xoxoxoxo- Her Prettyness

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