Sunday, January 16, 2011


Some blog commenters are so irritating you just wish you could meet them in person and give them a piece of your mind but then, on second thought, they don't even deserve a piece of your rather smart mind. These commenters are the know-it-all, smarter than thou and i'm sure i'm a better blogger than you. Well, what irritates me the most is when someone suggests, no matter how subtle, that your blog is a waste of internet space. I've never had to deal with those kind of people cos all my commenters are darlings but if i ever find one lurking even a mile near my page, i'd..... Have any of you had an experience wit those bloggers with esteem issues? How did you handle them? Remember, your blog is your blog and what you choose to put there is your business. If somebody don't like it, tell him to go to hell and skip on hot coals. xoxoxoxo- her Prettyness


  1. I have not had one of those, but i sure will kick such into the curb. :)

    Who got you pissed? Don't mind 'em.

  2. Couldn't have said it better, thank heavens i've not yet come across such haters, i'll sure give them a piece of my mind.

  3. Lol. just one commenter i met on a blog i follow. busy correcting what in her opinion was a content error.
    content error? i put what i want to put on my blog and someone dares call it a content error? is a blog a thesis? i got so mad when i read her comment... smh!