Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I'm writing this blog post from the back seat of a rickety old Mokola-Odorkor trotro with the words "time will tell" inscribed on it's back windscreen. The trotro mate has a big loose mouth. Once he sees, he just has to say it.
Well, we were having a peaceful ride till this girl joined the bus on the graphic road. On first glance my mind went blank and I went into prayer mode, using all the words I know to thank God for not making me a man. Chick is light skinned (think Ewe kinda fair) and her BOOBS can be compared to mountain afadjato, no jokes. Sister, aware of her assets has heaped these mountains up and wearing a low cut top and i think she's smeared her twins with some kinda oil making it reflect the sun rays.
Two seconds after she sat down, bro mate exclaimed "that's right" causing everybody in the car to laugh. He went ahead to add that if his girl had boobs like that, he wouldn't need a pillow at night.
His comments got miss boobs rather mad and she started raining insults on him, telling him that his stinky body can never get a girl with her kinda boobs. And that her boobs attracts dollars not Cedis. One man sitting next to me said "dollars mpo and you are sitting in this rickety trotro with us." At that point, every body laughed, annoying the girl even more....
Unfortunately, she reached her bus stop and got down but not before giving us one last view of her dollar earning boobs and her waist beads which I think should be her pounds or euro earners. The plight of the trotro passenger. I better hide my phone before someone snatches it from me. xoxoxo-Her Prettyness


  1. So is she flaunting or flouting it? :)
    Thank God I am not a man too.

  2. cAN i ask Y U ladies are thanking God U not Men???? That was a perfect dress to kill moment!!! :P

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