Saturday, June 4, 2011


So, I happen to be of the mindset that never tell anybody your problems cos half of them don't care and the other half are glad u got them-well, that was until recently when my big brother and i had a rather long chat about how to spot and grab a marriageable guy.
Well, all, nah, scratch that, most of the things he said, was the usual cliche, including you are who you attract blah, blah. Before, i dozed off and convinced myself of being a spinster for life, he caught my attention with a very interesting point.
My big brother said he doesn't think God will bother creating my soulmate and not let me meet him. But maybe, I should make God's work simpler by going for the exception, not the rule in my next relationship. I'm sure he saw the huge question mark on my fore head so he went ahead to explain. He asked me to make a list of a common criteria in all the men i have dated. When i did, he said, baby sis that is your rule and obviously, there's something wrong with the rule.
Now, a marriageable guy is usually different from the guy we date because while the guy we date is busy thinking about making us happy nw, the marriageable guy is thinking about making us happy forever.
A dateable guy talks about nothing really, bt a marriageable guy shares our ideas and plans and vision. Why? Cos he wants you to be in his life forever.
Now, after that fateful conversation with my brother, i think of guys in the rules and exceptions categories. Lol. Xoxo-Her Prettyness

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